For the establishment of the corporation, what is needed and required 

For the establishment of the corporation, what is needed and required 


1, what should it be called, name and check if its not used. 

2, who are shareholders or shareholder. 

3, who is the chairman and members and this is the Norwegian people. 

4, the share capital of 30,000 / - should be enough available then can be transferred. 

5, what is the business. 

6, what is the purpose of the company. 

7, what is - are the Norwegian address. 

8, it will be created bylaws and memorandum. All decisions of the Board. Like everything must be signed by the Board. 

It costs about 5600 / - to register it in the Register. This and other costs to start a company. This may be deducted from capital at 30,000 / - or paid from this. 

The establishment takes from 2-4 days or for 3-6 weeks depending on whether done online or not - after all documents are in order and submitted. 

Documents etc. Can you draw up and submit yourself, online or on paper. You can find what you need and where to send the well as the necessary forms can be found there. 

If you take it online need at least two people on the board who have something called MinID to get it registered, if they are Norwegian citizens, they can get it on 

At one stage in the process, he which shall be the chairman or have power of attorney or signature consult a bank to open a closed account for share capital.

Template for Creation Research / LTD / NUF: 

1 Find out the name and check it at Companies House that it is free. And for NUFet should and check the name of Brønnøysundregistrene. 

2 Decide who will be the director and any secretary, and who owns shares. 

3 Determine capital - only need a pound, do not need to be paid. 

4 Decide industry and purpose. 

For AS or sole proprietorship is more 

or less the same, but the share capital 

must be paid for AS. For an AS or 

sole proprietorship check the name 

on Brønnøysundregistrene. 

For sole proprietorships have part of the name being the name of the proprietor. This is a very abbreviated and simple template, there is much more to this, (look around on this site and links eventually), but the above steps cover the essentials.

For registration of single mans personal companies:

1, find out the name, you must have your last name or your name or just your name in it.

2 need person No. for registration, 11 figures, to be recorded electronically and need codes from altinn, (most of all such registration is done online today).

3, address, both private and corporate.

4, what will engage with industry, description of.

5, about to engage with the purchase and sale of goods and more than 30,000 / - per year must be registered in the Commercial Register. cost 2,500 / - Unless it costs nothing to sign such a firm.

6 when received registration papers with reg no one can begin to bill - reg no need to stand on the invoices. Use billing system. The first 50,000 / - invoiced without VAT, incl.

7, keep all receipts and invoices that have to do with the firm.

8, when passed 50000 / - in sales, utfakurert must be registered in VAT, VAT registry.

9 must have at least three different clients, customers throughout the year.

10, for up to one million per year can deliver annual tax assignment, more than it has to be delivered every other month. Financial statements and tax returns comes once a year - no later than 31 May following year.

Steps for make AS:

1, Make the documents for it.

2, When ok, print it and sign them  scan them.

3, Upload them and fill in altinn forms.

4, Go to the bank with the signed doc - DNB business office or those banks do it and sign there and get a bank account to transfer the 30 000/- to. 

5, When the transactions is done you get a doc from the bank which shows its 30 000/- in share capital, this you upload to Altinn and sign it all finally in altinn by Min ID or bypass.