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Business Consulting. Everything in business establishment and operation of all types of companies. Filing of Annual Return, Annual Report, Annual Accounts, annual accounts and  Dormant Company Accounts to companieshouse  and tax report or tax exemptions for the UK company to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), for  NUF. Change of address in English and another to companieshouse for the company.  Problems with the various reports to the British authorities for a NUF - CONTACT US.  Creation of single proprietorship. Creation of NUF.   The creation of AS and associations. Full range of startup and operation of all types of companies.  Web solutions, domain, SEO and everything else its operation and marketing of a company, both online and in traditional media.  25 years of experience.



Creation of sole proprietorships.
Creation of NUF.
Creation of AS, associations and more.
Changes, updates the NUF, LTD.
Changes, updates in AS, sole proprietorships, associations and more.
Website analysis.
Website optimization. SEO (search engine optimization).
Documents, document archiving, delivery, digital.
Delivery of mandatory forms, reports, assignments, etc. for all types of companies to governments.
Delivery of Annual Return, Annual Accounts and Dormant Company Accounts.
Delivery of the forward tasks, VAT etc.
Delivery of income and tax returns.
Delivery of financial statements.
Submission of tax return
Financial advice.
Debt Negotiation.
Analyze, companies, markets and more
Web solutions, domains. Internet Marketing, consulting in the design of web pages.
Markets Management, marketing, public relations.
Negotiations, Communication. Mediation

For registration of personal company:

 1, find out the name, you must have your last name or your name or just your name in it.

2, person id nbr is needed for registration, Norwegian, 11 figures, to be registered electronically need also codes from altinn, (most of all such registration is done electronically today).

3, address, both private and for firm.

4, what the firm shall do, or industry, description of.

5, whether to engage in buying and selling goods for more than 30 000 / - per year must be registered in the Companies Register. cost 2500 / - If not, it costs nothing to register such a company.

6. when the received registration papers with registration, one can begin to invoice - reg no need to stand on the invoices. Use an billing system. The first 50 000 / -   invoice is without VAT, incl.

7, keep all receipts and invoices relating to the firm.

8, when passed 50 000 / - in sales, utfakurert,  invoiced, it must be registered in the VAT, sales tax registry.

9, must have at least three different clients, customers throughout the year.

10, for up to one million per year can deliver the annual VAT return, more than that should be delivered every other month, annual accounts and tax returns comes once a year - by 31 May the following year latest.

(The most oft he above apply for most other companies as well.)


Template for creating company LTD / NUF, etc.:

1. Find out the name and check it at Companies House that it is free.

2. Decide who will be president and possibly the secretary, and who owns the shares.

3. Determine the capital - only need a pound, do not have to be paid.

4. Determine industry and purpose.

For AS, or sole proprietorship, it is more or less the same, but the share capital must be paid for AS.
For a limited company or sole proprietorship check the name of Brønnøysundregistrene. For sole proprietorship must be a part of the name be the name of the holder. This is a very abbreviated and simple template, it is much more to this, (look around on the page here and links where appropriate), but the above steps cover the essentials.